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Currently Tienequip accepted as forms of payment:

- Cash on delivery, it will take an increase of 3% on the total price of the order.
- Bank transfer prior.
- Crédido card / debit card through Paypal secure gateway, marked an increase of 3% on the total price of the order.
- By credit card / debit usual 3Dsecure system:

Is the new payment method developed by Visa and MasterCard that enables secure purchases online and authenticates the purchaser as the legitimate holder of the card being used.

From now you can only buy entering your secret PIN used at ATMs or asking for a new special PIN (secret key) for purchase online that will provide your bank by phone or on-line through their respective banking. Thus it is impossible online fraud and guarantees total transaction security.

No need faxing copy of ID payment and receipt to identify the cardholder. Your order will be processed more easily and quickly.

How to Shop on 3Dsecure?

The process is very simple and similar to today.

When you choose the mode of payment by credit / debit card will redirect to secure page (with data encryption) from our bank (https://), which asks for the number and the expiration date of your card as to was being done now.

 At this time a screen pass in which the bank will ask for your PIN secret used at ATMs or a special PIN (secret key) that requested your bank before. You will also be asked to enter an ID such as your ID or passport.

Finally, you´ll see a page that tells you the status of your payment, if the transaction has been approved by the bank, you will be given an authorization code. You can print this page. You must press the button "Close" to complete the purchase process. At this time back to our website where we will thank you for shopping with us.

How to get the secret key or special PIN?

If you do not want to use your PIN at ATMs used to authenticate the purchase, ask for a password or PIN in the bank or that issued your card. If you are already a customer of banking, in most cases you can order it directly online.

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